Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Xmas everyone :) 
so xmas was a bit boring this year.
spent it alone at home reading Lisa Kleypas
then cried for a bit i miss kk
meet bobby on xmas eve he gave present from hk
now miss him again but he is in singapore now
he wanna bring me but i dont have passport. Y U NO HAVE PASSPORT FASYA??
so then nothing happen on xmas day.
voila my life can be suck sometimes

p/s : i love my new desktop background. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Kuala Lumpur [7]

went to gosh.
met lovely botak
flirting with him
lost my purse 
he send me home 
and im having the biggest crush of my life

he is so cute!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

r.a.n.d.o.m [9]

people change.  
i changed.
but why am i still lost?

Kuala Lumpur [6]

hey guys
i wanna tell u guys something
its my loss
its not a biggie but still i can feel the sadness lar
since i was in kl i always tried to find ways to release tension *as if* in many ways
so one of it is hanging out i guess
two places i always *kadang-kadang* went is The Ship Funtheque and EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound aka Euphoria M.O.S. 

The Ship is at Bukit Bintang. its a nice steakhouse. they have a varieties of menu. now their band is Enava. i've heard they are from sabah. the male vocalist have a very nice voice ~ the thing is the ship also have a cabaret show its a show where she-males dances and entertain the customers or kl people may know them as bapok. cabaret show is on wednesday, friday and saturday night.

now Euphoria is a popular non-smoking club *thank god for that* at sunway.  most of young people go there. as one of my friend said "budak-budak je pergi m.o.s tu". so im that one of those kids went to a kid club but the thing is most international djs have played in euphoria. like seriously. international djs we are talking about. 

anyway euphoria closed down two weeks ago. sad cause i'll miss that place. met a few new friends there. met some bastards there. met some bitches. lots of memories there. ugh im gonna miss that place a lot

so i think i'll stick to the ship then. nice place to eat, dance, drink and have fun.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Heartache [3]

this is awesome. eargasm!

r.a.n.d.o.m [8]

It’s been awhile.

Hello people. I haven’t written for a very long time. I tried to find time or laptop to write but every time I opened blogger every word I want to write seems to vanished from my head. I don’t know what happen. My English are getting rustier too! I don’t like it. I mean English is the only subject I’m good at so getting weaker in English is major trouble for me.


I don’t know what to write again. I just want to tell u guys a few things
1.      I love Pink more than anything else right now. Her songs are getting better now and I LOVE her lyrics.
2.      Met Johan few weeks ago. He accompanies me while Nia is at KK. But now we are both busy with work (him) , study (me) and life etc.
3.      I bought a blackberry last August and two weeks ago I lost it L someone stole it. I found out the thief is a guy and he sold my bb to his friend for RM600. What I can say is he is so stupid. That bb worth more than that (I bought it for RM1300) and I asked around second hand would worth RM800.
4.      Nothing else just the normal whining. Assignments, tired, hungry, sleepy and I need to get high. Btw I’m so addicted to tumblr now J

Au revoir.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

r.a.n.d.o.m [7]

btw i just bought a new bra cost rm100. i dont know what i was thinking. what i was thinking?omfg pacha what was u thinking?



Kuala Lumpur [5] : Back to The City

its been 3 weeks im in kl. nothing much happens. now im living in my own house instead of hostel. now im a bit free than last sem. i dont know why but when im in kl im a bit depressed or stressed. i worry about a lot of, time, study, assignment and friends.

money, im kinda rich now but it is for temporary then i back to poverty :(
time, i dont know why but time is soooo jealous of always being late and i cant find time to do stuffs.
study, nothing much usual i hate study
assignment, well well the bff of study.i dont know which one i hate the or assignment.i guess both.assignments are killing me not in good terms with my classmates. i guess 4 months of holiday made them forget me.
friends, a lot of things happen with the term of 'friends'. lets start with the bad one. first is my classmates, the other day taxation was relocated apparently im the only one who doesnt know about that. typical. im kinda invisible in the class i guess cause no one bother to tell me. second is the new friend. i have some new friend lately and some of them are taking advantage of me. they are older than me but i was so pissed and i cursed them.ish ish bad mouth. although you guys are older but dont think i dont know how u guys do your dirty job. seriously i hope u guys die in hell. third is my hometown friends. well most of u guys know im from sabah, just recently im kinda bonded w some of sabahan students that i rarely talked to for the past two semesters. its just happens that i can find new bff here other than nia. btw just now nia met putra syazlan from ceria. he is good looking for a 13 years old boy. and tall too. no longer that short cute boy.

so that happens in my life now. goodnight peeps.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Work [1]

im :

  1. tired
  2. hungry
  3. thirsty
  4. back pain
  5. fingers are numb
  6. headache
  7. sexually frustrated


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sabah Oh Sabah [3]

all u guys know sabah is my hometown
when im in sabah i dont feel stress, homesick or hormonal
i guess im pretty normal back in sabah
i dont cry a lot. i mean i dont cry at all
i smile a lot
i dont binge
and i dont blog
i guess

well see you again if im emotionally disturbed.

Friday, June 24, 2011

r.a.n.d.o.m [6]

i just bought a heel worth RM159.
it looks good but im PENNILESS!

save me :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

i'm not that strong [9]

who knew it would be like this.

I'm not that strong [8]

why do i do that?

i dont know about u guys but i have done a lot of mistakes in my life. Im not proud of it but i move forward. It doesnt help if i keep on thinking about it so i hide it deep in my head. I tried so hard to forget about those stuff. Stuffs that i will regret for my whole life but i cant rewind because life is not a dvd player. So when i think back i will sigh very hard. Slowly i will have headache then i will regret and all i can do is cry. not strong.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


oh i was tagged by pam :)

1) 4 Perkara Describe About Yourself
  • anak pak cik ladis
  • i like all types of music so i always have my mp3 with me
  • I love reading so much especially english novels
  • i like sleeping
2) 4 Nama Manja Kamu (4 cute names of yours)
  • pacha
  • fasa
  • pasa
  • gabo or zaza gabo *for family only*

3) Perkara Baik Yang Kamu Buat Hari Ini (4 good things that you did today)
  • i woke up early at 7am.that is like subuh in kl yo.sleep at 2am.
  • i took a long bath :) i love long bath especially hot shower or hot bathtub :)
  • i drank nescafe so im wont be sleepy in class
  • i miss my class cause it was raining and i didnt have the mood going to class so went out to breakfast *again* with a friend at kfc . am riser is delicious!
    but its still in the afternoon dont know what else i will do next

4) 4 Tempat Yang Nak Sangat Pergi (4 places that you really want to go)
  • venice
  • sabah
  • london
  • mabul island

5) 4 Benda Wajib Bawa Bila Keluar (4 things that You MUST bring when going out)
  • mp3
  • money
  • ic and etc
  • tissue
6) 4 Perkara Terakhir Kamu Buat Sebelum Join Contest Ni (4 things that you did before joining this contest)
  • watched glee's videos on youtube
  • check my phone
  • charge my mp3
  • copying some movies
7) 4 Orang Paling Kamu Sayang Di Dunia Ini (4 People you love the most in this world)
  • dad
  • siblings
  • bffs
  • god
8) 4 Jenis Ragam Manusia Kamu Jumpa Hari Ini (4 different types of people that you met today)
  • cute driver of rapidkl
  • my housemate's sister. her name was ara :)
  • weird couple riding a was raining she was hold on/hug tight to her bf. she was wearing tudung.
  • old aunty at 7-eleven.she looked like a typical datin
9) 4 Misi Yg Mesti Kamu Capai Dalam Tahun Ni (4 missions that you must achieve this year)
  • increase my cgpa
  • study more
  • eat less
  • save money a lot so i can go to singapore next year :)

10) 4 Habit Buruk Kamu (4 bad habits of yours)
  • sleep a lot
  • ask people things until they annoyed
  • stare at peoples.omg im so sorry
  • commitment phobe

11) 4 Perkara Yang Kamu Fobia (4 phobias of yours)
  • commitment
  • crawling insects
  • flies. a lot of flies
  • failure

12) 4 Sebab Join Contest Ni (4 reasons joining this contest)
  • is this a contest?
  • i was tagged by pamchan
  • free internet in kfc
  • im bored

toodles :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ms. Me

my ex boyfriend used to me that im not human sometimes. sometimes i dont feelings.
it is true.
i rarely cry.
i rarely mad.
i rarely sulk.
i rarely stressed.

and my mood changes like a traffic light.'
one minute i was happy then 5 minutes after that i will be quiet.

i dont why im like that.
but i know myself when im mad

if im mad, i wont be shouting like certain people.
i will be quite and slowly isolate myself from other people.
when im mad i cut my connection to the person make me mad.
i wont reply to your sms
i will answer your call but i'll talk sarcastically and ignorant of what your trying to say
thats me.i dont like shouting.

but when im pissed, i swore i shout i talk back i call u bad name i throw things and sometimes i revenged.

so dont make me pissed.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sabah Oh Sabah [2]

Kotobian tadau tagazo do Kaamatan!

i dont know how to explain u guys what is kaamatan but i will make it simple as i can. kaamatan is harvest festival. in sabah usually sabahan celebrate kaamatan with family and friends. the highlight of kaamatan is unduk ngadau competition.its like a queen pageant for kadazandusun woman.all of them are pretty~~i dont know how did the judges picked the unduk kota kinabalu, kaamatan is celebrated at kdca in penampang. its a huge hall with huge parking lot for people to come. people will come to see the unduk ngadau, have fun and of course drink!aramaiti :)

god i miss sabah!

toodles :)

Friday, May 27, 2011


i fucked again.
i mean fucked up again.

again and again and again.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


me : gila best tinggal di baiduri. dapat jumpa lelaki handsome dalam lift.boleh cuci mata hihi

him : i know.btw i sayang u

i dont know how to handle this guy

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ain Dzaya :)

a few days ago a girl shout out something in my blog

that was two weeks ago i think. so i searched for "cinta itu futuristik"

this is her questions.
well i think u asked the wrong girl miss ain
i dont have the answer to ur questions
im a type of girl who doesnt really believe in love. i believe in love but im not into love.
its weird right cause i believe in love but if u really meet me, u will see that im not a love person
i dont believe in a commitment relationship
apa lagi cinta?
love is too complicated for me to feel it
i feel that love is not something i dont want right now.
love scared the hell out of me
i admit im a commitment phobic :(
so im sorry miss ain dzaya :(
i cant answer your questions

btw guys this is her link

she have a nice blog :)

r.a.n.d.o.m [6]

i know its been a long time i didnt write
since the first day of my final if im not mistaken
i was busy with final and went back home to SABAH bebeh

a day after final ended i went back to sabah for five days
oh it was like the most fun holiday i ever had

i went back home to surprised my whole family
not one of them knew i was coming back home
so the ticket flight was bought by my money
mahal gila!rm200 cause i bought it 2 weeks before the flight

my dad was so surprised til he was speechless when he first saw me.haha
its quite funny though cause i miss him so muchhhhhh
oh yes i miss my dad. i even miss his mean words. hihi
the whole family was shocked to see me
those 5 days were awesome!

because i stayed home and went out with my family.
i didnt meet my friends . sorry sarah. i'll meet u next time okai :)

when i was back in sabah, i dont know why but i didn't blog at all.for me blogging is one of those homesick therapy. for me lar. if i was happy i wont blog.but if i was sad, homesick, hormone building up or heartbroken blogging is one of my way to ease those negative feelings.thank god for internet.

its the same thing happened to nia.but she is internet freak right now.she admitted about it to me. the first she will do after wake up is online.before she sleep she will online. i dont know what gonna happen to that girl

btw now im living in baiduri :)
no more hostel :)

hihi *evil laugh*

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fucked Up

oh im so fucked up
in 5 hours i will face my first paper of final exam



im totally not prepared

better go study
so wont updating until may


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kuala Lumpur [5] : Pink On Rails

i was in a bus when i saw a pink bus stand.
i mean PINK! im not a fan of pink but this attract me more than anything else (including hot guys) at that time.
apparently the bus stand was painted pink since last week and there's a link written on the wall of the bus stand

and i was like "what the heck is that?"

apparently its an awareness campaign.

when i first started using ktm (comuter) i didn't realized there is a coach for the ladies.
i was impressed!
ladies are being protected even in trains. yeah we have our own coach on trains.

every trip of ktm will have one coach for the ladies in the middle of the train.i like this because at peak hours the whole train is like "tin sardin".
sometimes i can smell old socks in the train
sometimes there are ugly old guys trying to woo me
sometimes there are naughty hands trying to touch some body parts of mine
or pressing aroused body parts of them towards me.


sad aint it?
but then there are the "ladies coach"
i like the idea
every time im using ktm i will hopped on this coach and forget about all disgusting guys
but not all the guys are like that.only some of them.

so Pink on Rails Awareness Campaign is about the KTMB Ladies Coach.

and they have a blog!

i haven't explore their facebook page yet but i like the blog.

so this is one of the thing i like about kuala lumpur. there's a lot of good things about k.l but i prefer kota kinabalu than kuala lumpur
there's nothing better than home for me :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

r.a.n.d.o.m [5]

i know u guys talking behind my back
its ok cause i dont give a shit about it

i dont get anything from it
neither do u except for bitching about me

and dont try to be quiet when im with u guys cause i know u all were talking about me.
what the heck man?talk in front of me if u have something to say
dont talk behind me then i found out about it from somebody else

apa guna mulut tuhan bagi untuk bercakap kan tapi mahu jugak mengumpat
dosa kamu bukan dosa saya

so i dont give a damn
and no one gives a shit really
cause a bunch of bitches are worse than shits.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Kuala Lumpur [4]

oh saya tak suka golf!

my friend bought me to watch him play golf at Rawang and it was soooooo boring~~
i dont know what to do.
i guess golf is not my thing.

btw dinner tonight at seksyen 19


hope its gonna be fun :D

OhSoRandom : OMG sem 2 is so OVER! no more class. time to study for exam :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

i'm not that strong [7]

im not that strong
i dont know how to love someone
wanna know why i left my ex-boyfriends?

i realized i can't give them my love.

i dont know why i cant love them

now i meet you
i cant stop thinking about u
i wonder why

Thursday, April 7, 2011

UiTM [9]

i just come back home from uitm's clinic and on the way home i saw an accident
it was between a myvi and ambulance
its funny actually because the ambulance was not moving and the myvi was drove by a girl student.
why i said she a girl?
maybe because she didnt know how to drive?
she haven't register to drive car in uitm?
that myvi is not her car?

for god sake i dont know how that girl drive.
because that ambulance is not moving and its a big ambulance

its an ambulance!


i cant drive anything in my life
i cant ride bicycle,motorbike or even a car
so i dont trust myself to drive anything
public transportation is my only way of living i guess

back to the story
a nurse was so pissed and shouting to the girl
the girl tried to blame the ambulance but obviously she was the one driving recklessly
so the nurse called uitm traffic police
yup uitm have traffic police :) i was shocked to look at them when i first arrived in uitm cause their look more powerful than a real traffic police with the big bike and etc.

i didnt know the whole story about the accident cause i watched them for 10 mins then i go home

hows your day?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love Is In The Air [2]

Jamie save my life and i'll always miss her
but our love is like the wind
i can't see it
but i can feel it

Shane West as Langdon Carter
from A Walk To Remember

r.a.n.d.o.m [4]

a few days ago ada budak perempuan study di uk visit blog aku
tapi aku tak sempat follow dia
just baca her latest post which is recipe dia chocolate cake

now i cant find back her link :(

help me~

Thursday, March 31, 2011

i'm not that strong [7]

serious when i said im strong its a lie.
i cried but i cried when im alone.
only a few people saw me cry in this world.they are the person i trust.

and this made me cried

this is why i hate make people lost their love doesnt matter who against who but the family who suffers are think about war make me sad :(

luckily there is no war in grateful to god for that.

MasJue :)

dulu di kml aku ada jiran yang sangat2 best.dorang ne bertiga.satu dari sarawak and dua dari sabah.punya lar berbeza gila dorang ne .beza sangat lar berbeza

dorang tu masjue (the mom) , marlyn (anak?) and nani (anak manja)

berbeza sangat cause si mas ne kurus-kurus and nda jugak tinggi.average height orang putih cakap.
tapi si marlyn ne pindik-pindik tagap.typical size untuk orang sabah.
si nani pulak tinggi and berisi sikit.tapi dia paling manja antara dorang suma.dia lar anak manja bilik tu

aku terjumpa blog si masjue ne :)
heeee trus keluar semua memori aku dengan dorang.
lepak-lepak.tengok drama korea.cerita-cerita
hee banyak memori kami ne.makan cake.hihi

tapi yang rock pasal si masjue ne actually dia ne anak ustaz.terkejut beruk aku dapat tahu dia anak ustaz.mana nda punya rock ne perempuan sekali tengok anak ustaz.hihi serious shit man.first time aku dapat tahu aku nda caya anak dara sorang ne anak ustaz.

hihihi aku suka kacau dorang ne kalau boring.dorang ne nda boleh dipisahkan.pergi mana-mana mesti MESTI bertiga . hihi

ini si masjue
baca ar blog dia
perempuan tu baru lagi buat blog ne tapi aku tahu dia tu memang rajin blogwalking

i miss them i miss them i miss them

may god bless

i'm not that strong [6]

Living is hard.
Reality bites and truth hurts.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tergelak [8] : Alkisah Aku & Sir Megat

aku online facebook and ternampak ada notification dari group labuan matric 2009/10. terkejut aku tengok status di group tu.ada yang lawak ada yang sedih.ada tidak berkaitan dengan kml.aku memang masuk kml sebelum masuk uitm.kalau bercakap pasal kml aku akan senyum.senyum aku ikhlas and lebar.bagi aku kml mengajar aku sesuatu yang aku tidak akan jumpa di tempat lain.

aku scroll down and aku ternampak post sir megat

tergelak aku sebentar membaca komen-komen post itu.aku teringat alkisah aku dan sir megat.mungkin sir tidak ingat tapi aku sentiasa ingat.

ketika aku di sem satu kml aku kehilangan kad atm ku.aku hendak buat kad atm bank rakyat yang baru.di kml susah untuk keluar outing pada office hour.kena isi borang pink.kena minta kebenaran aka tandatangan dari hep.

so aku pergi lar hep dengan harapan dapat keluar hari selasa ( ingat hari selasa cause selasa ada kelas bi yang boring dan boleh skip kelas bi :D ). ketuk bilik sir megat .

tok tok
aku : salam sir .boleh sa masuk?
sir megat : salam ar masuk lar
aku : urm sir saya mahu minta sir tandatangan borang pink.
sir megat : kenapa mahu keluar time ada kelas?
aku : mahu pergi buat kad atm sir.

sir megat tengok surat pink aku.

sir megat : mesti buat esok jugak ka?
aku : mesti sir cause saya tiada duit sudah sir.

sir megat terdiam sebentar.

sir megat : tengok dompet

alamak sir mahu tengok dompet pulak.malu lar aku.da lar tiada duit tinggal sen-sen lagi.adui malu.sir megat tengok dompet aku yang tidak berduit dan dia senyum tengok aku.aku ikut tersenyum malu.sir ambil kertas pink itu dan sign dengan cepat.

aku : thank you so much sir
sir megat : a'ar.jangan melencong pulak
aku : ish nda lar sir.

dan aku terus lari dari hep.sungguh memalukan bila sir tengok dompet tiada duit.aku cerita kan roommate aku kisah itu dan dia ketawa kan aku .

hihi kml kml
i miss u so much :')

Monday, March 28, 2011

Part of Me

this is one part of my books.they are my life.i cant live without books.i cant.i love books so much.

yes i am a bookworm.

OhSoRandom : omg my sister bought a fuji instax mini 25 :) now i can camwhoring at home lol

Thursday, March 17, 2011

its been a long time i didnt update.what happen?well im starting a new business.dont know if its gonna be ok or not.or gonna be superb.*fingers crossed*

Sunday, March 13, 2011


oopsss saya bukan buat mlm ye.
thats not my thing tapi saya memang ada bisnes sekarang.

saya bisnes jual novel english dengan harga yang teramat murah.kalau jumpa novel english mesti harga rm30++ tapi saya jual dalam rm20-25 sahaja.

tetapi jualan ini untuk orang yang berada di uitm shah alam dan shah alam sahaja.jauh-jauh tak dapat lar kot.

anyway click this to know more on my book list and the prices.

guys please support me :) im in need of money here :D thanks :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


hati kata tidak
minda kata ya

so lets go take a bath and dont waste anymore time on daydreaming.
it is not in your coursework to daydreaming miss fasya.

and im missing someone.

Monday, February 28, 2011

i'm not that strong [5]

my class ended early
i went into my room.
its empty.
i laid down on my bed
i look up at the ceiling
and i cried
i cried out loud
cause i knew no one will hear me
no one know

Sunday, February 27, 2011

r.a.n.d.o.m [3]

i was trying to find Lady Gaga's new video Born This Way but i found this.she's good~~
btw the official video will be out next week i think.

Love Is In The Air

im talking about love!okay maybe not love but i kinda love matchmaking this week.
im trying to get a gf for one of my friend.he is a great guy (partly because he have a car and my part-time driver)
yup he is a nice guy.he is from Negeri Sembilan *if im not mistaken*
i know i know
im bossing him around but i forgot his hometown~bad friend oh me
no im not bad cause i just found him a soon-to-be-gf XD

i really hope its gonna be wonderful for them cause their kinda "ngam" but they are very opposite!

joe is so nice meanwhile tinie is bossy.joe talks so nicely meanwhile tinie is so loud and rough.
but they look so cute together.teasing each other and it was for the first time they met.

mission Love Is In The Air 1 is on!

OhSoRandom : OMG! just had my midterm test 30 min was lucky cause what i read came out in the test is FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING and its TOMORROW.i have less than 24 hours to study.wish me luck guys XOXO :D

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i'm not that strong [4]

no im not strong
it hurts me when im not with my family
especially today.
its baby's birthday.
im sad
i miss them
i miss my family
sometimes they are all i can think of

but i am stressed for the few weeks

i dont know if im depressed or anything
i wish i have some shoulder to lean on.
i wish someone can hug me and said "its gonna be fine"
i wish.

im laughed in the day but at nights i will cry silently
i dont want people to see my weakness
i dont want to be seen as weak.
and now nobody knows
only im alone :(


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tergelak [7]

i was skipping one class *only one!* and online omegle and i found this lovely couple from sri lanka
i dont know where is that cause i almost failed geography a few years ago but im certain its in asia. right?
they are so sweet together
i mean really sweet!

the bf trying to tease her.thats her :)
she is nice and they look sweet together :)

say hi to ayusha :)

i talked to ayusha and i realized its not too late for young and i can get a better person than bastards before this :)