Tuesday, September 28, 2010


UiTM have a new virus.its called "The Shortcut Virus". This virus made all my assignment disappear and making me pissed.

this is an short update.btw i have to send the assignment tomorrow!
i'm gonna be soo dead!

fyi i got a scholarship from JPA :)


Sunday, September 26, 2010


this is deedlebag.i want that shirt but i have to go to usa to get it :(

there's no shipping to Malaysia if i want to buy it online.someone please go to usa! :)

black or white?

i cant be stop

this is my latest product for my presentation.

i hope i will got A!wish me luck peeps~

No Title

my body feels weak everytime i think of you.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


makan.online.tidur.makan.online.tidur.ponteng kelas.

i'm not in mood to study.i escaped 2 days of classes.on the first day i just cried for the whole day.the second day i read three novels in one day. Jodi Picoult still the best in making me crying by her words. today is the first day i go to all my class.i have three class today.first class was Commercial Law.for the first time i was selected to the presentation.i was freaking out before i go in front cause my Law Lecturer is a mean person. she always shouting to students who makes mistakes.each week we do presentation and today is my lucky day.my presentation was pretty good.i answered all the question wanted then voila she didnt shout to me.

a guy said to me "maybe you should call your dad.you are stress."

i called my Baba and after i felt relieved.i poured all my feelings to my dad.how i wish we ahve a better life.how i wish i can stop my mom making mistakes.how i wish all of us will have a happy ending.all my dad said "its up to Allah SWT.u just have to be strong to have a better life."

i will have final exam in 1 month.pray for me guys.i want straight A's again for my dad :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Raya?Oversea?I need Home

Many things happen to me lately. some of them came with laughter but there are some of them came with tears..

Things that happened:

1. i got an offer to further study oversea by ALC College to University of London. they offered me a degree in accounting and finance studies.i received a phone call one day then the next thing i know my life changed for awhile.just for awhile cause i rejected
the offer. everything about that offer are great but (there's always a but in my life) the i dont have a great financial to support my living lifestyle there. they would give an allowance of RM20 000 very month and its not enough and i will also get rm35 000 per semester just for my study fees. i seek information from my aunties and uncles who went to study oversea and they said i cant live with rm20k in a month there.i will need more. i have to think about the rent, food, books and a lot more. to live in London makes my heart happy but my head said "think about dad.how will he support his other children." i think and think. if i go there i cant go home for 4 years cause they doesn't support the flights. i have to use a lot of money for that.WHY EVERYTHING GOES WRONG JUST BECAUSE OF MONEY?so i rejected the offer.the woman from ALC who help in my offer also gave a lot advice to me. she said ALC picked me from the
list given by UPU. so thanks to UPU and ALC for the offer but i really cant go.it seems so easy to go study oversea but i do have to think about my family. my dad said maybe i should go oversea for my master.InsyaAllah.

2. Raya?i celebrated raya far away from home.i followed my aunty to her husband's village in Negeri Sembilan. it took 3 hours to go there from Damansara. luckily we didnt face any traffic going there. my uncle's village is at Sri Meranti in Negeri Sembilan.the village is very deep in the jungle. the only problem was i cant have any Digi lines there.no bars.zero. i was terrified! how am i going to call my dad on Eid? fortunely i can get line if i walk a bit from the house.my uncle's family are great. they treat me like a real family. i was shocked when i found out i'm the oldest teenager in the house but the shortest :( my uncle's nephews and nieces are so big! but they are
younger than me. one of my uncle's niece is 14 and she way taller than me. so i was called kakak but they were very nice to me the whole week.the first day of raya we went to 7 house til midnight. when i got back home all i did was wash my feet, change to my PJ and sleep.so for 3 days i celebrated Eid happily. but i didnt get a lot of angpaw. i guess i am old to receive angpaw right now.

aunty:How old are u?
me:i'm 19 *nicely*
aunty:owh u are old already.are u study or working?
me:uitm shah alam
aunty:owh.here an angpaw for u.if u are working u cant have angpaw here.

on the fourth day of Eid i cried cause i miss my family so much.with a lot of family gathering in the village makes me miss my family so much. i guess by the fourth day my tears cant be stopped. i cried for three whole hours.

3. cousins. my aunty have 3 children. all of them are female and they are super
adorable. the oldest are 4 years old. her name is Hannah.the second daughter is 1 and a half year old and her name is diana.the youngest is keisha or chacha and she is 6 month old.all of them are super adorable.

this is chacha :)

holiday is almost over but im kinda stress to study right now.
all i need is home

Friday, September 3, 2010



im safely arrived at my aunt's house.her house is super amazing.and i can have my own room.how amazing is that ah?

anyway i took 3 bus to came here.first from UiTM to Seksyen 2.it was ok cause im used to it.the second bus trip was from Seksyen 2 to KL Sentral.it took two hours to go to KL because of the traffic.nothing happen.arrived at KL Sentral i was lil bit blur cause the bus station was moved to beside Public Bank.so i was like in front of KL Monorail Station looking for bus to Kota Damansara alone.looking weird.i think im the only one in KL didnt know the bus station was moved.but no worries anymore.i asked the cashier at 7-Eleven and she told me about the new place for the bus station.i ran to the bus station and wait for the bus going to Kota Damansara, U88.everything was fine in the third bus trip.i met a sabahan guy in the bus!sabahans are everywhere in KL. i was glad to met him cause i ask him a lil bit about Kota Damansara.arrived at Kota Damansara, i took a taxi to go to my aunt's house. then voila i safely arrived at my aunt's exactly at sungkai.the ride was not so bad. i was just a little bit scared of people and getting lost.

its time to sleep.nite peeps

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pencarian Cinta..

i was blogwalking...

its a real true situation where a guy saw a girl and he feel in love at the first sight.he saw her when he and his friends went for a drink at mamak.he saw a girl drinking milo trough his camera and fall for her.she is not too pretty but she is ok.after that night the guy made a blog to find the girl back.he trying very hard to find his love at the first sight.he made me realize there are still love in this world.

me?love?not now.


mun:so ko nda blik?btw nice spec
aku:nda.tq *smile*
mun:belikan aku
mun:aku mau 2.satu hitam satu putih.
aku:2? *schock* *dalam hati:nasib bek rm10 satu*
mus:aku pun mau.
aku:ko pun?
mus:iya bah..
baby:gabo jgn lupa psp baby
aku:um iya bah *sigh*

The Right Way

hati girang kerana cuti raya telah bermula

masih ada satu kelas tapi ponteng kerana demam malas melanda diri sekali lagi.

im going to my aunt's house this evening.hope everything is gonna be alright.
im gonna take bus to her house.hope i wont be lost. *sigh*
did i say im gonna be alone?.hope im gonna be fine.

i think i should call my aunt *scared*