Friday, May 20, 2011

Ain Dzaya :)

a few days ago a girl shout out something in my blog

that was two weeks ago i think. so i searched for "cinta itu futuristik"

this is her questions.
well i think u asked the wrong girl miss ain
i dont have the answer to ur questions
im a type of girl who doesnt really believe in love. i believe in love but im not into love.
its weird right cause i believe in love but if u really meet me, u will see that im not a love person
i dont believe in a commitment relationship
apa lagi cinta?
love is too complicated for me to feel it
i feel that love is not something i dont want right now.
love scared the hell out of me
i admit im a commitment phobic :(
so im sorry miss ain dzaya :(
i cant answer your questions

btw guys this is her link

she have a nice blog :)

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