Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kuala Lumpur [5] : Back to The City

its been 3 weeks im in kl. nothing much happens. now im living in my own house instead of hostel. now im a bit free than last sem. i dont know why but when im in kl im a bit depressed or stressed. i worry about a lot of, time, study, assignment and friends.

money, im kinda rich now but it is for temporary then i back to poverty :(
time, i dont know why but time is soooo jealous of always being late and i cant find time to do stuffs.
study, nothing much usual i hate study
assignment, well well the bff of study.i dont know which one i hate the or assignment.i guess both.assignments are killing me not in good terms with my classmates. i guess 4 months of holiday made them forget me.
friends, a lot of things happen with the term of 'friends'. lets start with the bad one. first is my classmates, the other day taxation was relocated apparently im the only one who doesnt know about that. typical. im kinda invisible in the class i guess cause no one bother to tell me. second is the new friend. i have some new friend lately and some of them are taking advantage of me. they are older than me but i was so pissed and i cursed them.ish ish bad mouth. although you guys are older but dont think i dont know how u guys do your dirty job. seriously i hope u guys die in hell. third is my hometown friends. well most of u guys know im from sabah, just recently im kinda bonded w some of sabahan students that i rarely talked to for the past two semesters. its just happens that i can find new bff here other than nia. btw just now nia met putra syazlan from ceria. he is good looking for a 13 years old boy. and tall too. no longer that short cute boy.

so that happens in my life now. goodnight peeps.

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