Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kuala Lumpur [5] : Pink On Rails

i was in a bus when i saw a pink bus stand.
i mean PINK! im not a fan of pink but this attract me more than anything else (including hot guys) at that time.
apparently the bus stand was painted pink since last week and there's a link written on the wall of the bus stand

and i was like "what the heck is that?"

apparently its an awareness campaign.

when i first started using ktm (comuter) i didn't realized there is a coach for the ladies.
i was impressed!
ladies are being protected even in trains. yeah we have our own coach on trains.

every trip of ktm will have one coach for the ladies in the middle of the train.i like this because at peak hours the whole train is like "tin sardin".
sometimes i can smell old socks in the train
sometimes there are ugly old guys trying to woo me
sometimes there are naughty hands trying to touch some body parts of mine
or pressing aroused body parts of them towards me.


sad aint it?
but then there are the "ladies coach"
i like the idea
every time im using ktm i will hopped on this coach and forget about all disgusting guys
but not all the guys are like that.only some of them.

so Pink on Rails Awareness Campaign is about the KTMB Ladies Coach.

and they have a blog!

i haven't explore their facebook page yet but i like the blog.

so this is one of the thing i like about kuala lumpur. there's a lot of good things about k.l but i prefer kota kinabalu than kuala lumpur
there's nothing better than home for me :)


  1. Hope there will be a guys only group like that soon ;D

  2. :) i hope so
    hihi what happen to you?

  3. though with the fact that the coach is for ladies (only), some ignorant guys will still enter it....maybe it's for the thrill... haha :)