Friday, June 24, 2011

r.a.n.d.o.m [6]

i just bought a heel worth RM159.
it looks good but im PENNILESS!

save me :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

i'm not that strong [9]

who knew it would be like this.

I'm not that strong [8]

why do i do that?

i dont know about u guys but i have done a lot of mistakes in my life. Im not proud of it but i move forward. It doesnt help if i keep on thinking about it so i hide it deep in my head. I tried so hard to forget about those stuff. Stuffs that i will regret for my whole life but i cant rewind because life is not a dvd player. So when i think back i will sigh very hard. Slowly i will have headache then i will regret and all i can do is cry. not strong.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


oh i was tagged by pam :)

1) 4 Perkara Describe About Yourself
  • anak pak cik ladis
  • i like all types of music so i always have my mp3 with me
  • I love reading so much especially english novels
  • i like sleeping
2) 4 Nama Manja Kamu (4 cute names of yours)
  • pacha
  • fasa
  • pasa
  • gabo or zaza gabo *for family only*

3) Perkara Baik Yang Kamu Buat Hari Ini (4 good things that you did today)
  • i woke up early at 7am.that is like subuh in kl yo.sleep at 2am.
  • i took a long bath :) i love long bath especially hot shower or hot bathtub :)
  • i drank nescafe so im wont be sleepy in class
  • i miss my class cause it was raining and i didnt have the mood going to class so went out to breakfast *again* with a friend at kfc . am riser is delicious!
    but its still in the afternoon dont know what else i will do next

4) 4 Tempat Yang Nak Sangat Pergi (4 places that you really want to go)
  • venice
  • sabah
  • london
  • mabul island

5) 4 Benda Wajib Bawa Bila Keluar (4 things that You MUST bring when going out)
  • mp3
  • money
  • ic and etc
  • tissue
6) 4 Perkara Terakhir Kamu Buat Sebelum Join Contest Ni (4 things that you did before joining this contest)
  • watched glee's videos on youtube
  • check my phone
  • charge my mp3
  • copying some movies
7) 4 Orang Paling Kamu Sayang Di Dunia Ini (4 People you love the most in this world)
  • dad
  • siblings
  • bffs
  • god
8) 4 Jenis Ragam Manusia Kamu Jumpa Hari Ini (4 different types of people that you met today)
  • cute driver of rapidkl
  • my housemate's sister. her name was ara :)
  • weird couple riding a was raining she was hold on/hug tight to her bf. she was wearing tudung.
  • old aunty at 7-eleven.she looked like a typical datin
9) 4 Misi Yg Mesti Kamu Capai Dalam Tahun Ni (4 missions that you must achieve this year)
  • increase my cgpa
  • study more
  • eat less
  • save money a lot so i can go to singapore next year :)

10) 4 Habit Buruk Kamu (4 bad habits of yours)
  • sleep a lot
  • ask people things until they annoyed
  • stare at peoples.omg im so sorry
  • commitment phobe

11) 4 Perkara Yang Kamu Fobia (4 phobias of yours)
  • commitment
  • crawling insects
  • flies. a lot of flies
  • failure

12) 4 Sebab Join Contest Ni (4 reasons joining this contest)
  • is this a contest?
  • i was tagged by pamchan
  • free internet in kfc
  • im bored

toodles :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ms. Me

my ex boyfriend used to me that im not human sometimes. sometimes i dont feelings.
it is true.
i rarely cry.
i rarely mad.
i rarely sulk.
i rarely stressed.

and my mood changes like a traffic light.'
one minute i was happy then 5 minutes after that i will be quiet.

i dont why im like that.
but i know myself when im mad

if im mad, i wont be shouting like certain people.
i will be quite and slowly isolate myself from other people.
when im mad i cut my connection to the person make me mad.
i wont reply to your sms
i will answer your call but i'll talk sarcastically and ignorant of what your trying to say
thats me.i dont like shouting.

but when im pissed, i swore i shout i talk back i call u bad name i throw things and sometimes i revenged.

so dont make me pissed.