Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Xmas everyone :) 
so xmas was a bit boring this year.
spent it alone at home reading Lisa Kleypas
then cried for a bit i miss kk
meet bobby on xmas eve he gave present from hk
now miss him again but he is in singapore now
he wanna bring me but i dont have passport. Y U NO HAVE PASSPORT FASYA??
so then nothing happen on xmas day.
voila my life can be suck sometimes

p/s : i love my new desktop background. 


  1. hihi..feel sorry for you..missed the Singapore have a passport next time..

    nice laptop wallpaper..

  2. huhu i feel sorry for myself too.dia drive sorang2 dri kl p singapore kot klau i ikut hoho.

    smart kan? click this >>

  3. haha..klu leh ikut mmg best la..rugi2...

    yeah..artistic sket..