Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sabah Oh Sabah [2]

Kotobian tadau tagazo do Kaamatan!

i dont know how to explain u guys what is kaamatan but i will make it simple as i can. kaamatan is harvest festival. in sabah usually sabahan celebrate kaamatan with family and friends. the highlight of kaamatan is unduk ngadau competition.its like a queen pageant for kadazandusun woman.all of them are pretty~~i dont know how did the judges picked the unduk ngadau.in kota kinabalu, kaamatan is celebrated at kdca in penampang. its a huge hall with huge parking lot for people to come. people will come to see the unduk ngadau, have fun and of course drink!aramaiti :)

god i miss sabah!

toodles :)

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