Friday, December 3, 2010


hi guys :)

i didn't know i have a lot of readers lately :D
sorry for not updating. with no wifi or broadband at Damansara its hard for me to online :(
but no worries i'm bach!
right now i'm at uitm shah alam.

what am i doing in uitm in the mddle of the holiday?
well my uni's brass band have a camping but not like camping in woods but its more to music camp
but this camp is freaking hard and tired :(
its called LIBB which stands for Latihan Insentif Brass Band UiTM Shah Alam
all part 1 students of brass band course have to go to this camp to pass the course.
or i can fail in my course.

its a 10 days camp. we stays in college. not in a tent. we were given an instrument each person and the seniors teached us everything about the instrument. it was hard for me cause i can't read musics notes and i was given horn! a mellophone. mellophone is a type of horn. it was so hard to play the mellophone. i have to press my lips hard to the mouthpiece to reached the high notes. btw mouthpiece is the part of a instrument where i blowed to get a sound. its
a hard thing to explain about musical instrument. but i do love plays mellophone. but sometimes i felt like to give up when i cant play some songs. in 10 days of learning and playing musics i felt its worth it for that 10 days :)

but its not easy all the time. we were given certain assignments to do and we have to force ourself to study cause at the end of 10 days we performed all the songs we studied.

here i also learn a new word which is ragging. its a type of bullying to the new students.

Ragging is a practice in educational institutions in India and Sri Lanka that involves existing students baiting or bullying new students. It is similar to the American phenomenon of hazing. It often takes a malignant form wherein the newcomers may be subjected to psychological orphysical torture. Currently, Sri Lanka is said to be the worst affected country in the world.

source : Wikipedia

i was asked to push-ups using my knuckles and it was so freaking hard :(

Monday, November 22, 2010


sakit pinggang
sakit hati
sakit kepala
sakit perut

saya benci datang bulan :(

is this too private to be read?i do not know.

i'm at Damansara. nothing specials happened.

Friday, November 12, 2010

UiTM [6]

i never thought i would hate packing so much!

i detest packing!

im not a packing person. it took me two days to pack for every trip i went before but this time packing is making me out of my mind. with the lack of luggage and time, now i have to pay to stored my stuff in my college. what is going on with this world? everything is about money.

OhMyFreakingGawd:some unknown mistakenly reload me for RM40! :))

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


tergelak sebentar tengok header seorang follower ku

kau tak pakai deodoran, ketiak ko busuk
kau tak pakai spender, nescaya kau sejuk

ini si mereka

OhMyFreakingGawd:i want to eat ambuyat :( i miss Sabah :(

UiTM [5]

hari ne tak bz sangat

just nak packing and kemas bilik yang tercinta *kunun*
banyak memori di bilik ne
saat menangis, marah, ketawa dan kesunyian
bila fikir balik saya tak rapat sangat dengan roommate semanjung saya
bukan ingin bersifat racism atau menjauhkan diri
tetapi saya dan mereka tidak click together

mereka dengan hidup mereka
saya dan hidup saya
terlalu berbeza sekali hidup kami

tapi saya tetap tease roommate saya setiap hari supaya tergelak mereka sebentar
hari ini saya keseorangan di bilik
menekan lappy teman ku dengan ayat-ayat skema
lulus ke ayat skema ku?
untuk pengetahuan anda saya pernah failed BM semasa form 4
sesuatu yang saya tidak banggakan =.='

Sunday, November 7, 2010

UiTM [4]

bangun awal ingin belajar
next week ada paper Law
tengok masa jam 12.15 tengahari
mahu belajar kunun lar.bangun tengahari.

macam mana mahu study Law ne?=.='

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

time flies

p/s:im going home!at last :)


kenapa aku ni?
edit gambar emo mahu mampus.
*may be i AM emoish right now*

macam orang gila!

mana taik lalat di hidung ku????? :O

*sila cuci mata anda*

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gambar [1]

si perasan macho! *memang hot pun macam anak mat saleh*

si anak baik.rajin belajar mengaji.

adikku yang paling hot!sayang dia teramat lar getek :D

Sunday, October 31, 2010

UiTM [2]

dia bermata sepet
dia putih
percakapannya pelik
mindanya pintar
dia pandai mencari duit

tapi semua pandangnya dengan pelik
apa dia buat di uitm?

hey orang-orang uitm
salahkah orang cina nak datang cari ilmu di uitm?

*second chinese i met in uitm since june*

Shah Alam [2]

Nia and i went to PKNS

She said she had that sense of urge to go there
and i was "wth?mau cuci mata ne kn?"
sememangnya kami memang perempuan-perempuan yang gatal.

anyway, her sense was right.
we met Adam AF (Adam yang dari Sabah tu)
yeah another sabahan has been found~
but Adam was there to do a show

he has a new song "Buli Bah Kalau Ko"
it was nice

he called out for any sabahan there
unfortunately only me and Nia were sabahan there.
so both of us were a lil bit famous for awhile.

Adam and nia

when nothing else matter all i can think is u baba.i need your mean words to study :(

Names..Our names..

my late grandpa *from my father side* was a funny and happy person. and he liked to name his grandchild w weird names.

1st daughter : Munira aka Pipi. i swear to God who gave her that name must have like her cheeks when she was a baby.

2nd daughter : Musfira aka Pira. Pira is kinda cute than Fira.

3rd daughter : Fasya aka *jeng jeng * Gabo! yes my nickname is Gabo.wanna know how did i get that?my late grandpa was a fan of Zsa Zsa Gabor.she was freaking hot in the old times. she was born on 6 feb 1917. and i was born at 9 feb! how cool is that uh?. anyway i was called za za gabo but after i went to kindergarten i was called gabo only.

this is Zsa Zsa Gabor.

4th daughter : Farah aka *jeng jeng* Potet!.haha all of us have weird father was in love Farah Fawcett when potet was born. well charlie's angel was famous at that time and his favourite angel was Farah Fawcett.potet was called fawcett when she was a baby but the name was hard to be pronounce by the her elder sisters so we called her potet.

this is Farah dad's fav angel

1st son : Shahridan Qamily aka Mily. my grandma *from my mom side* and my dad was arguing in the hospital when mily was born!both of them won.Shahridan was my grandma's idea and my dad think of Qamily.

5th daughter : Sarah Syazana aka sarah. my mom named her. she was born on our stairs! hell yeah! my mom didn't realize she was having a baby til she saw blood on her legs and it was in the middle of the night!so they didn't make it to the hospital and sarah was born on the stairs.i was sleeping like a pig at that time and didn't realize my sister was born.

6th daughter : Sherryena Qiran aka Baby. all of our family thought she will be the last children so she was called baby since she was day 1. my dad picked the name.he took a week! to think that name. he said he want a lil bit of indian name for his child. BUT! *jeng jeng* there's another baby!!!!

7th daughter : Ally Alcira aka Chiyo.chiyo is very special in our family. she was unexpected. Ally Mcbeal was famous at that time and Pipi liked to watch it. so she suggest Ally. Alcira was by my dad have a weird thinking in giving names.why we called her Chiyo?cause at time pipi, pira, me and potet were so insane about a j-drama * i forgot the title* and we use one of the characters name.Chiyo!i miss her so damn much T.T

so thats my family.

and i miss them so much

Homesick Alert!

i found this vid on Youtube

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shah Alam

jalan sorang-sorang
dikacau lelaki jalanan
sengaja cari masalah
perempuan oh perempuan

lelaki memang tak tahu malu!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


i saw a boy
and i think of u
ur face
i miss u
but u hurt me so much


Monday, October 18, 2010

kawan oh kawan


after a few years i didnt meet her, we still talking like bestie.even in ym.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

mon esprit

Je m'ennuie de toi mon amour

tulung lar

My first kiss went a little like this
And twist
And twist
Well my first kiss went a little like this
And twist
And twist
OMGish:the song keep on repeating in my mind :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wedding :)

last night i crashed a wedding.seriously i didnt know the groom nor the bride.nia's (nia is my lovely small roommate) sister came to kl for her friend's wedding.the wedding was sooo SWEET!it was held at Intekma Resort's Ballroom ( i forgot the name of the ballroom). around 300 people were invited from Sabah and Kelantan. the bride is a Sabahan and the groom is Kelantanese.the bride's arrival was pretty late so by 9pm me and nia were hungry. we didnt eat nothing for the whole day!all weddings are sweet but last night was the sweetest wedding i ever attended.

i wonder how will i have my wedding? >.<

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


UiTM have a new virus.its called "The Shortcut Virus". This virus made all my assignment disappear and making me pissed.

this is an short update.btw i have to send the assignment tomorrow!
i'm gonna be soo dead!

fyi i got a scholarship from JPA :)


Sunday, September 26, 2010


this is deedlebag.i want that shirt but i have to go to usa to get it :(

there's no shipping to Malaysia if i want to buy it online.someone please go to usa! :)

black or white?

i cant be stop

this is my latest product for my presentation.

i hope i will got A!wish me luck peeps~

No Title

my body feels weak everytime i think of you.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ponteng? kelas.

i'm not in mood to study.i escaped 2 days of classes.on the first day i just cried for the whole day.the second day i read three novels in one day. Jodi Picoult still the best in making me crying by her words. today is the first day i go to all my class.i have three class today.first class was Commercial Law.for the first time i was selected to the presentation.i was freaking out before i go in front cause my Law Lecturer is a mean person. she always shouting to students who makes mistakes.each week we do presentation and today is my lucky presentation was pretty good.i answered all the question wanted then voila she didnt shout to me.

a guy said to me "maybe you should call your are stress."

i called my Baba and after i felt relieved.i poured all my feelings to my i wish we ahve a better i wish i can stop my mom making i wish all of us will have a happy ending.all my dad said "its up to Allah SWT.u just have to be strong to have a better life."

i will have final exam in 1 month.pray for me guys.i want straight A's again for my dad :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Raya?Oversea?I need Home

Many things happen to me lately. some of them came with laughter but there are some of them came with tears..

Things that happened:

1. i got an offer to further study oversea by ALC College to University of London. they offered me a degree in accounting and finance studies.i received a phone call one day then the next thing i know my life changed for awhile.just for awhile cause i rejected
the offer. everything about that offer are great but (there's always a but in my life) the i dont have a great financial to support my living lifestyle there. they would give an allowance of RM20 000 very month and its not enough and i will also get rm35 000 per semester just for my study fees. i seek information from my aunties and uncles who went to study oversea and they said i cant live with rm20k in a month there.i will need more. i have to think about the rent, food, books and a lot more. to live in London makes my heart happy but my head said "think about will he support his other children." i think and think. if i go there i cant go home for 4 years cause they doesn't support the flights. i have to use a lot of money for that.WHY EVERYTHING GOES WRONG JUST BECAUSE OF MONEY?so i rejected the offer.the woman from ALC who help in my offer also gave a lot advice to me. she said ALC picked me from the
list given by UPU. so thanks to UPU and ALC for the offer but i really cant seems so easy to go study oversea but i do have to think about my family. my dad said maybe i should go oversea for my master.InsyaAllah.

2. Raya?i celebrated raya far away from home.i followed my aunty to her husband's village in Negeri Sembilan. it took 3 hours to go there from Damansara. luckily we didnt face any traffic going there. my uncle's village is at Sri Meranti in Negeri Sembilan.the village is very deep in the jungle. the only problem was i cant have any Digi lines i was terrified! how am i going to call my dad on Eid? fortunely i can get line if i walk a bit from the uncle's family are great. they treat me like a real family. i was shocked when i found out i'm the oldest teenager in the house but the shortest :( my uncle's nephews and nieces are so big! but they are
younger than me. one of my uncle's niece is 14 and she way taller than me. so i was called kakak but they were very nice to me the whole week.the first day of raya we went to 7 house til midnight. when i got back home all i did was wash my feet, change to my PJ and for 3 days i celebrated Eid happily. but i didnt get a lot of angpaw. i guess i am old to receive angpaw right now.

aunty:How old are u?
me:i'm 19 *nicely*
aunty:owh u are old already.are u study or working?
me:uitm shah alam an angpaw for u.if u are working u cant have angpaw here.

on the fourth day of Eid i cried cause i miss my family so much.with a lot of family gathering in the village makes me miss my family so much. i guess by the fourth day my tears cant be stopped. i cried for three whole hours.

3. cousins. my aunty have 3 children. all of them are female and they are super
adorable. the oldest are 4 years old. her name is Hannah.the second daughter is 1 and a half year old and her name is diana.the youngest is keisha or chacha and she is 6 month old.all of them are super adorable.

this is chacha :)

holiday is almost over but im kinda stress to study right now.
all i need is home

Friday, September 3, 2010



im safely arrived at my aunt's house.her house is super amazing.and i can have my own amazing is that ah?

anyway i took 3 bus to came here.first from UiTM to Seksyen was ok cause im used to it.the second bus trip was from Seksyen 2 to KL took two hours to go to KL because of the traffic.nothing happen.arrived at KL Sentral i was lil bit blur cause the bus station was moved to beside Public i was like in front of KL Monorail Station looking for bus to Kota Damansara alone.looking weird.i think im the only one in KL didnt know the bus station was moved.but no worries anymore.i asked the cashier at 7-Eleven and she told me about the new place for the bus station.i ran to the bus station and wait for the bus going to Kota Damansara, U88.everything was fine in the third bus trip.i met a sabahan guy in the bus!sabahans are everywhere in KL. i was glad to met him cause i ask him a lil bit about Kota Damansara.arrived at Kota Damansara, i took a taxi to go to my aunt's house. then voila i safely arrived at my aunt's exactly at sungkai.the ride was not so bad. i was just a little bit scared of people and getting lost.

its time to sleep.nite peeps

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pencarian Cinta..

i was blogwalking...

its a real true situation where a guy saw a girl and he feel in love at the first sight.he saw her when he and his friends went for a drink at mamak.he saw a girl drinking milo trough his camera and fall for her.she is not too pretty but she is ok.after that night the guy made a blog to find the girl back.he trying very hard to find his love at the first sight.he made me realize there are still love in this world.

me?love?not now.


mun:so ko nda blik?btw nice spec
aku:nda.tq *smile*
mun:belikan aku
mun:aku mau 2.satu hitam satu putih.
aku:2? *schock* *dalam hati:nasib bek rm10 satu*
mus:aku pun mau.
aku:ko pun?
mus:iya bah..
baby:gabo jgn lupa psp baby
aku:um iya bah *sigh*

The Right Way

hati girang kerana cuti raya telah bermula

masih ada satu kelas tapi ponteng kerana demam malas melanda diri sekali lagi.

im going to my aunt's house this evening.hope everything is gonna be alright.
im gonna take bus to her house.hope i wont be lost. *sigh*
did i say im gonna be alone?.hope im gonna be fine.

i think i should call my aunt *scared*

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 Words

I miss them T.T

Gate Kolej Melati Tidak Suci.

last night kak syarika came to send some stuff for nia. she came pretty late so after met kak syarika, nia and i went to cafe to bought some food for sahur. we thought the gate will be locked at 2am. we were wrong.

it was at 11.45pm and we were stuck outside our college.wanna know what we did?we became superwoman for a while and climbed the gate.

nia:Pacha, kita panjat jak lar
me:WHAT?! seriously?
nia:serius lar bah ne getek. kalau nda macam mana mau masuk.dah lar kita pakai lengan pindik ne. nda mau aku masuk gate depan nanti kena saman lagi.

so we did climbed the gate. and after that we declared the gate of College Melati is not a virgin anymore.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Watcha think?

The reason i'm staying up at night is to study but i cant resist the urge to update my blog.pfft..

thats Bruno Mars. and im in love with his voice, words and the dimple.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

sakit hati?

patut kah aku bunuh orang yang block Facebook dan Youtube di UiTM pada office hour?

minggu ini minggu terakhir berada di UiTM sebelum cuti raya.kelas ku teramat lar sedikit. pensyarah-pensyarah ku menjadi malas membuat kelas. aku?bertambah malas menghadirkan diri ke kelas yang sedia ada.

maka aku ingin bertapa dalam bilik untuk online. jeng jeng laman kesukaanku di sekat pihak pentadbiran UiTM.

I think I'm gonna kill someone for this.


bulan ramadan.

sabar itu separuh daripada iman.

and i have test in 30min.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

oh my

i was blog-walking then i found a new stuff in sarah's blog..its called Save The Words..and i just adopted a word today is Plebicolar.the meaning is appealing to the common people.^^


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shah Alam

1 month ago i accepted an offer to study in Uitm Shah Alam. i thought Shah Alam is another city like Kota Kinabalu. Oh i was wrong. Shah Alam is ok except for NOT HAVING A CINEMA! seriously S. Alam doesnt have a cinema. so if i want to watch movie i have to go to Times Square, Midvalley or etc (big malls which cost a lot of money). these shopping malls are in KL so far from Shah Alam. how long? 45 minutes drive! without traffic.

and i was like "Wth?" 45 minutes of long drive just to watch a movie.damn.and thats not all.if there traffic in the highway it may take longer than an hour to reach KL. there's always a traffic in KL.if u miss one u are very lucky.

i dont know but i really want to watch Inception(suggested by Pam) , Avatar : The Last Airbender (i like the cartoon), Tekken (although one of my friend said its boring, a lot of gunshot rather than fighting like in the game) and etc.

fyi, saya belum pernah tengok wayang since berada di Shah Alam :(

OMGish: my sister have a here . she in love with her tumblr ^^

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

stupid & annoying.

im so curious with facebook user lately. im not trying to hate my friends or anything but it looks stupid if:

1. u made a status and u are the first person to like it.
2. u are the first person to comment it.

seriously, that looks stupid.

the annoying part is she/he do it so MANY time.

but then i just ignore it cause its her/his facebook.not mine.

but its getting worst with the LOVE CONFESSION...
some love confession seems lovely to be read but the 18sx love confession is so damn fucking stupid to be confessed in facebook.all her/his relatives will read. AND I WILL READ IT AND I THINK IM GONNA PUKE BUT IM FASTING =)

OMGish: my sister can be a funny person ^^


im not in mood..



Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bebeh No. 2

saya tahu dikau sayang sama saya >.<
thats why you are my second bebeh after ika.


saya mau kick some ass~

first first saya sedih
lepas tu saya nangis
sekarang saya ok2 ckit
then saya marah
at the end saya mau kick some ass
tpi org tu d kk so nda jdi but im still angry

Orang Owh Orang

saya tahu family saya bukan perfect. not everything is perfect right?tapi betul-betul saya tak sangka family sendiri sanggup buat begitu kat adik aku. since xda family ku yg baca blog ne so buli lar kn aku tulis apa yg aku mau. i dont care about what people's said anymore especially from my mum's family..lpas ne aku cita jak lar apa yg aku mau.i dont care drg malu. drg malu tpi hati aku yg skit.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Love is in the air~

dayyum i miss my annoying sisters..

OMGish: i cut my hair.but i want to straighten it

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Midnight =_="

i didn't know i have insomnia.

when i was in matrix i always sleeps early at 8 or 9pm. my roommate Eka was terrified by my sleep habit. but then i woke up very early. i can wake up at 4am. nothing happen at that time except for dogs howling. looking back at memoirs at matrix, i realized that I'm not a good at memorizing. hence i read my business' notes as soon as i open my eyes. that way was the only way for me to study business.

matrix is so over. right now I'm studying at UiTM Shah Alam and since i arrived here i cant sleep early. i was hoping going to the same uni with my sis at samarahan but they send me to shah alam. it make me sad for awhile cause i know it will be better if I'm in same uni with my sis.and i miss her so much. its been a year i haven't meet my sis Pira.i cant stop the feeling of missing my sisters sometimes. i miss their nagging. i hate insomnia cause it make me miss my beloved family.

especially the annoying baby.


OhMyFreakingGawd:ar the song titled Sugar by Flo-Rida keep on repeating in my head.


so i just found out that i only have 1 class today. i'm happy but do you know how bored is it not to do anything here?especially in fasting month.i just thought i'm gonna kill myself because of the boredom. its been a while i didn't write ( for a whole year 0_o). so i have a lots to write in this blog. i'm new in using this blog so bear with the words. all i can say I'm Bach!
OMGish: I have a new hobby which is camwhoring ^^