Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012


I guess im not that smart.

Whole my 21 years of life, i tried to stay away from getting attach to things, places and even people. Its hard cause i know that one day they will slipped away from my hand. Now i'm the one is hurting.

You're slipping away and im trying very hard to hold on but i dont know how. Help me on this will you. Just dont let go. Please just dont let go.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fucked Up

Tomorrow is Dec 20th.
Tomorrow i have FAR quiz.
Tomorrow i have MAF test.
Tomorrow my class starts at 8.30am.
Tomorrow my class are until 6.00pm.

Im so fucked up.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not so confidential.

Twitter used to be my gateaway from everyone. Well not anymore.

Anyway, this is for a bitch i know.

"You are so fake i dont know why I've become friend with you. Plastic. And such a drama queen you are. I hate that loud voice of yours. Acting cool when you're not that cool bitch. Using my stuff without my permission then not putting it back. Wth. You're wasting my time trying to find stuffs which is with you. Yes im fucking pissed!!"

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Awkward Situation.

One of my friend borrowed my big book the other day. I found out she wrote something WEIRD in the book.

"Your hards fits perfectly in mine just like it is made for me"

No worries she doesnt know my blog. Since its been ages i didnt wrote.

*Notes to my uitm friend who is reading please dont mention this in twitter. What happen in this blog stays here. Alright?*

P/S : i cannot stop laughing my ass off. Haha its funnt because for the past few years she is the innoceng looking girl in our peers. This is totally unexpectable from that girl.

Happy sunday peeps~~~

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Sleepless Night [2]

Hi there peeps,

Sorry for the long absence. Lots of thing happened lately. So i dont remember when was the last time i wrote here. Really am sorry for the long absence.

So im on my third year in kl. Life here is getting boring. I mean life in shah alam. Well im not staying in hostel anymore. I rent a house w few seniors nearby uitm. My house rent is rm130 excluding the utilities. So in one month i spend rm150 for the house. Last month bill was rm50. There's a leaking in our bathroom so the bill for water went up high. No worries its fixed now.

Study. I dont wanna talk about study. Stressful!! I have one week of lecture left then study week. Apparently my study week is on christmas and new year so no party for me :( it is very sad.

Love. Nothing to tell about my love life. I've always been secret about it. But i do tell about my crushes right~~~ But back in august i had a fight with someone's gf. Well i really didnt know that guy have a gf of SIX FUCKING YEARS! When i ask him, he told me he was single. So i flirted w him. Then we got cosy. The next thing i know his gf trying to accuse me stealing her bf. Like i want him so much. He is the one who approach me first. But he do have a nice body. Btw he is a body builder cum a trainer in a gym somewhere in likas

Move along. I dont know if its a good or bad year for me this year but financially im kinda lucky. Save some for emergency then used it for flights on november. My sister suddenly wants to get engaged so yeah went back sabah for midterm in last minute. The total cost of my return flights were RM600++. If my dad knows about it he will be pissed. Then i changed phone for few times. Used blackberry curve for awhile. Then samsung galaxy ace. Then bought new ipad. Sis bought it from me. Then blackberry torch. Then now im using samsung galaxy sII. I always bargain for my phones so all of them are lower than rm1k. Curve and ace were stolen. Torch sold.

Thats all for now. Its 3.20am and im suppose to study for my quiz monday. So goodnight peeps. Sweet dreams.


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Sleepless Night

Test test

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