Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love Is In The Air

im talking about love!okay maybe not love but i kinda love matchmaking this week.
im trying to get a gf for one of my friend.he is a great guy (partly because he have a car and my part-time driver)
yup he is a nice guy.he is from Negeri Sembilan *if im not mistaken*
i know i know
im bossing him around but i forgot his hometown~bad friend oh me
no im not bad cause i just found him a soon-to-be-gf XD

i really hope its gonna be wonderful for them cause their kinda "ngam" but they are very opposite!

joe is so nice meanwhile tinie is bossy.joe talks so nicely meanwhile tinie is so loud and rough.
but they look so cute together.teasing each other and it was for the first time they met.

mission Love Is In The Air 1 is on!

OhSoRandom : OMG! just had my midterm test 30 min was lucky cause what i read came out in the test is FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING and its TOMORROW.i have less than 24 hours to study.wish me luck guys XOXO :D

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