Friday, June 3, 2011

Ms. Me

my ex boyfriend used to me that im not human sometimes. sometimes i dont feelings.
it is true.
i rarely cry.
i rarely mad.
i rarely sulk.
i rarely stressed.

and my mood changes like a traffic light.'
one minute i was happy then 5 minutes after that i will be quiet.

i dont why im like that.
but i know myself when im mad

if im mad, i wont be shouting like certain people.
i will be quite and slowly isolate myself from other people.
when im mad i cut my connection to the person make me mad.
i wont reply to your sms
i will answer your call but i'll talk sarcastically and ignorant of what your trying to say
thats me.i dont like shouting.

but when im pissed, i swore i shout i talk back i call u bad name i throw things and sometimes i revenged.

so dont make me pissed.

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