Thursday, April 7, 2011

UiTM [9]

i just come back home from uitm's clinic and on the way home i saw an accident
it was between a myvi and ambulance
its funny actually because the ambulance was not moving and the myvi was drove by a girl student.
why i said she a girl?
maybe because she didnt know how to drive?
she haven't register to drive car in uitm?
that myvi is not her car?

for god sake i dont know how that girl drive.
because that ambulance is not moving and its a big ambulance

its an ambulance!


i cant drive anything in my life
i cant ride bicycle,motorbike or even a car
so i dont trust myself to drive anything
public transportation is my only way of living i guess

back to the story
a nurse was so pissed and shouting to the girl
the girl tried to blame the ambulance but obviously she was the one driving recklessly
so the nurse called uitm traffic police
yup uitm have traffic police :) i was shocked to look at them when i first arrived in uitm cause their look more powerful than a real traffic police with the big bike and etc.

i didnt know the whole story about the accident cause i watched them for 10 mins then i go home

hows your day?

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  1. i don't even have a driving license....but i'm thinking of getting one on my summer break :) not sure if i'll get into trouble with an ambulance like the girl did :) *nervous*