Friday, May 20, 2011

r.a.n.d.o.m [6]

i know its been a long time i didnt write
since the first day of my final if im not mistaken
i was busy with final and went back home to SABAH bebeh

a day after final ended i went back to sabah for five days
oh it was like the most fun holiday i ever had

i went back home to surprised my whole family
not one of them knew i was coming back home
so the ticket flight was bought by my money
mahal gila!rm200 cause i bought it 2 weeks before the flight

my dad was so surprised til he was speechless when he first saw me.haha
its quite funny though cause i miss him so muchhhhhh
oh yes i miss my dad. i even miss his mean words. hihi
the whole family was shocked to see me
those 5 days were awesome!

because i stayed home and went out with my family.
i didnt meet my friends . sorry sarah. i'll meet u next time okai :)

when i was back in sabah, i dont know why but i didn't blog at all.for me blogging is one of those homesick therapy. for me lar. if i was happy i wont blog.but if i was sad, homesick, hormone building up or heartbroken blogging is one of my way to ease those negative feelings.thank god for internet.

its the same thing happened to nia.but she is internet freak right now.she admitted about it to me. the first she will do after wake up is online.before she sleep she will online. i dont know what gonna happen to that girl

btw now im living in baiduri :)
no more hostel :)

hihi *evil laugh*

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