Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 Words

I miss them T.T

Gate Kolej Melati Tidak Suci.

last night kak syarika came to send some stuff for nia. she came pretty late so after met kak syarika, nia and i went to cafe to bought some food for sahur. we thought the gate will be locked at 2am. we were wrong.

it was at 11.45pm and we were stuck outside our college.wanna know what we did?we became superwoman for a while and climbed the gate.

nia:Pacha, kita panjat jak lar
me:WHAT?! seriously?
nia:serius lar bah ne getek. kalau nda macam mana mau masuk.dah lar kita pakai lengan pindik ne. nda mau aku masuk gate depan nanti kena saman lagi.

so we did climbed the gate. and after that we declared the gate of College Melati is not a virgin anymore.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Watcha think?

The reason i'm staying up at night is to study but i cant resist the urge to update my blog.pfft..

thats Bruno Mars. and im in love with his voice, words and the dimple.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

sakit hati?

patut kah aku bunuh orang yang block Facebook dan Youtube di UiTM pada office hour?

minggu ini minggu terakhir berada di UiTM sebelum cuti raya.kelas ku teramat lar sedikit. pensyarah-pensyarah ku menjadi malas membuat kelas. aku?bertambah malas menghadirkan diri ke kelas yang sedia ada.

maka aku ingin bertapa dalam bilik untuk online. jeng jeng laman kesukaanku di sekat pihak pentadbiran UiTM.

I think I'm gonna kill someone for this.


bulan ramadan.

sabar itu separuh daripada iman.

and i have test in 30min.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

oh my

i was blog-walking then i found a new stuff in sarah's blog..its called Save The Words..and i just adopted a word.my word today is Plebicolar.the meaning is appealing to the common people.^^


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shah Alam

1 month ago i accepted an offer to study in Uitm Shah Alam. i thought Shah Alam is another city like Kota Kinabalu. Oh i was wrong. Shah Alam is ok except for NOT HAVING A CINEMA! seriously S. Alam doesnt have a cinema. so if i want to watch movie i have to go to Times Square, Midvalley or etc (big malls which cost a lot of money). these shopping malls are in KL so far from Shah Alam. how long? 45 minutes drive! without traffic.

and i was like "Wth?" 45 minutes of long drive just to watch a movie.damn.and thats not all.if there traffic in the highway it may take longer than an hour to reach KL. there's always a traffic in KL.if u miss one u are very lucky.

i dont know but i really want to watch Inception(suggested by Pam) , Avatar : The Last Airbender (i like the cartoon), Tekken (although one of my friend said its boring, a lot of gunshot rather than fighting like in the game) and etc.

fyi, saya belum pernah tengok wayang since berada di Shah Alam :(

OMGish: my sister have a tumblr..click here . she in love with her tumblr ^^

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

stupid & annoying.

im so curious with facebook user lately. im not trying to hate my friends or anything but it looks stupid if:

1. u made a status and u are the first person to like it.
2. u are the first person to comment it.

seriously, that looks stupid.

the annoying part is she/he do it so MANY time.

but then i just ignore it cause its her/his facebook.not mine.

but its getting worst with the LOVE CONFESSION...
some love confession seems lovely to be read but the 18sx love confession is so damn fucking stupid to be confessed in facebook.all her/his relatives will read. AND I WILL READ IT AND I THINK IM GONNA PUKE BUT IM FASTING =)

OMGish: my sister can be a funny person ^^


im not in mood..



Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bebeh No. 2

saya tahu dikau sayang sama saya >.<
thats why you are my second bebeh after ika.


saya mau kick some ass~

first first saya sedih
lepas tu saya nangis
sekarang saya ok2 ckit
then saya marah
at the end saya mau kick some ass
tpi org tu d kk so nda jdi but im still angry

Orang Owh Orang

saya tahu family saya bukan perfect. not everything is perfect right?tapi betul-betul saya tak sangka family sendiri sanggup buat begitu kat adik aku. since xda family ku yg baca blog ne so buli lar kn aku tulis apa yg aku mau. i dont care about what people's said anymore especially from my mum's family..lpas ne aku cita jak lar apa yg aku mau.i dont care drg malu. drg malu tpi hati aku yg skit.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Love is in the air~

dayyum i miss my annoying sisters..

OMGish: i cut my hair.but i want to straighten it

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Midnight =_="

i didn't know i have insomnia.

when i was in matrix i always sleeps early at 8 or 9pm. my roommate Eka was terrified by my sleep habit. but then i woke up very early. i can wake up at 4am. nothing happen at that time except for dogs howling. looking back at memoirs at matrix, i realized that I'm not a good at memorizing. hence i read my business' notes as soon as i open my eyes. that way was the only way for me to study business.

matrix is so over. right now I'm studying at UiTM Shah Alam and since i arrived here i cant sleep early. i was hoping going to the same uni with my sis at samarahan but they send me to shah alam. it make me sad for awhile cause i know it will be better if I'm in same uni with my sis.and i miss her so much. its been a year i haven't meet my sis Pira.i cant stop the feeling of missing my sisters sometimes. i miss their nagging. i hate insomnia cause it make me miss my beloved family.

especially the annoying baby.


OhMyFreakingGawd:ar the song titled Sugar by Flo-Rida keep on repeating in my head.


so i just found out that i only have 1 class today. i'm happy but do you know how bored is it not to do anything here?especially in fasting month.i just thought i'm gonna kill myself because of the boredom. its been a while i didn't write ( for a whole year 0_o). so i have a lots to write in this blog. i'm new in using this blog so bear with the words. all i can say I'm Bach!
OMGish: I have a new hobby which is camwhoring ^^