Friday, September 3, 2010



im safely arrived at my aunt's house.her house is super amazing.and i can have my own amazing is that ah?

anyway i took 3 bus to came here.first from UiTM to Seksyen was ok cause im used to it.the second bus trip was from Seksyen 2 to KL took two hours to go to KL because of the traffic.nothing happen.arrived at KL Sentral i was lil bit blur cause the bus station was moved to beside Public i was like in front of KL Monorail Station looking for bus to Kota Damansara alone.looking weird.i think im the only one in KL didnt know the bus station was moved.but no worries anymore.i asked the cashier at 7-Eleven and she told me about the new place for the bus station.i ran to the bus station and wait for the bus going to Kota Damansara, U88.everything was fine in the third bus trip.i met a sabahan guy in the bus!sabahans are everywhere in KL. i was glad to met him cause i ask him a lil bit about Kota Damansara.arrived at Kota Damansara, i took a taxi to go to my aunt's house. then voila i safely arrived at my aunt's exactly at sungkai.the ride was not so bad. i was just a little bit scared of people and getting lost.

its time to sleep.nite peeps

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