Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ponteng? kelas.

i'm not in mood to study.i escaped 2 days of classes.on the first day i just cried for the whole day.the second day i read three novels in one day. Jodi Picoult still the best in making me crying by her words. today is the first day i go to all my class.i have three class today.first class was Commercial Law.for the first time i was selected to the presentation.i was freaking out before i go in front cause my Law Lecturer is a mean person. she always shouting to students who makes mistakes.each week we do presentation and today is my lucky presentation was pretty good.i answered all the question wanted then voila she didnt shout to me.

a guy said to me "maybe you should call your are stress."

i called my Baba and after i felt relieved.i poured all my feelings to my i wish we ahve a better i wish i can stop my mom making i wish all of us will have a happy ending.all my dad said "its up to Allah SWT.u just have to be strong to have a better life."

i will have final exam in 1 month.pray for me guys.i want straight A's again for my dad :)

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