Sunday, October 31, 2010

Names..Our names..

my late grandpa *from my father side* was a funny and happy person. and he liked to name his grandchild w weird names.

1st daughter : Munira aka Pipi. i swear to God who gave her that name must have like her cheeks when she was a baby.

2nd daughter : Musfira aka Pira. Pira is kinda cute than Fira.

3rd daughter : Fasya aka *jeng jeng * Gabo! yes my nickname is Gabo.wanna know how did i get that?my late grandpa was a fan of Zsa Zsa Gabor.she was freaking hot in the old times. she was born on 6 feb 1917. and i was born at 9 feb! how cool is that uh?. anyway i was called za za gabo but after i went to kindergarten i was called gabo only.

this is Zsa Zsa Gabor.

4th daughter : Farah aka *jeng jeng* Potet!.haha all of us have weird father was in love Farah Fawcett when potet was born. well charlie's angel was famous at that time and his favourite angel was Farah Fawcett.potet was called fawcett when she was a baby but the name was hard to be pronounce by the her elder sisters so we called her potet.

this is Farah dad's fav angel

1st son : Shahridan Qamily aka Mily. my grandma *from my mom side* and my dad was arguing in the hospital when mily was born!both of them won.Shahridan was my grandma's idea and my dad think of Qamily.

5th daughter : Sarah Syazana aka sarah. my mom named her. she was born on our stairs! hell yeah! my mom didn't realize she was having a baby til she saw blood on her legs and it was in the middle of the night!so they didn't make it to the hospital and sarah was born on the stairs.i was sleeping like a pig at that time and didn't realize my sister was born.

6th daughter : Sherryena Qiran aka Baby. all of our family thought she will be the last children so she was called baby since she was day 1. my dad picked the name.he took a week! to think that name. he said he want a lil bit of indian name for his child. BUT! *jeng jeng* there's another baby!!!!

7th daughter : Ally Alcira aka Chiyo.chiyo is very special in our family. she was unexpected. Ally Mcbeal was famous at that time and Pipi liked to watch it. so she suggest Ally. Alcira was by my dad have a weird thinking in giving names.why we called her Chiyo?cause at time pipi, pira, me and potet were so insane about a j-drama * i forgot the title* and we use one of the characters name.Chiyo!i miss her so damn much T.T

so thats my family.

and i miss them so much