Tuesday, August 17, 2010

stupid & annoying.

im so curious with facebook user lately. im not trying to hate my friends or anything but it looks stupid if:

1. u made a status and u are the first person to like it.
2. u are the first person to comment it.

seriously, that looks stupid.

the annoying part is she/he do it so MANY time.

but then i just ignore it cause its her/his facebook.not mine.

but its getting worst with the LOVE CONFESSION...
some love confession seems lovely to be read but the 18sx love confession is so damn fucking stupid to be confessed in facebook.all her/his relatives will read. AND I WILL READ IT AND I THINK IM GONNA PUKE BUT IM FASTING =)

OMGish: my sister can be a funny person ^^


  1. LOL yea agreed. abt the facebook status thingy. sabo jela :DD

  2. urm makin getek bah org FB..huahua