Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shah Alam [2]

Nia and i went to PKNS

She said she had that sense of urge to go there
and i was "wth?mau cuci mata ne kn?"
sememangnya kami memang perempuan-perempuan yang gatal.

anyway, her sense was right.
we met Adam AF (Adam yang dari Sabah tu)
yeah another sabahan has been found~
but Adam was there to do a show

he has a new song "Buli Bah Kalau Ko"
it was nice

he called out for any sabahan there
unfortunately only me and Nia were sabahan there.
so both of us were a lil bit famous for awhile.

Adam and nia

when nothing else matter all i can think is u baba.i need your mean words to study :(

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