Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shah Alam

1 month ago i accepted an offer to study in Uitm Shah Alam. i thought Shah Alam is another city like Kota Kinabalu. Oh i was wrong. Shah Alam is ok except for NOT HAVING A CINEMA! seriously S. Alam doesnt have a cinema. so if i want to watch movie i have to go to Times Square, Midvalley or etc (big malls which cost a lot of money). these shopping malls are in KL so far from Shah Alam. how long? 45 minutes drive! without traffic.

and i was like "Wth?" 45 minutes of long drive just to watch a movie.damn.and thats not all.if there traffic in the highway it may take longer than an hour to reach KL. there's always a traffic in KL.if u miss one u are very lucky.

i dont know but i really want to watch Inception(suggested by Pam) , Avatar : The Last Airbender (i like the cartoon), Tekken (although one of my friend said its boring, a lot of gunshot rather than fighting like in the game) and etc.

fyi, saya belum pernah tengok wayang since berada di Shah Alam :(

OMGish: my sister have a here . she in love with her tumblr ^^


  1. ada la paca d bukit raja jusco :),naik teksi rm10 ho ho ho

  2. owh yaka??!!!!!
    buli lar ne aku patak2 dgn kwn tgk sna...