Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Midnight =_="

i didn't know i have insomnia.

when i was in matrix i always sleeps early at 8 or 9pm. my roommate Eka was terrified by my sleep habit. but then i woke up very early. i can wake up at 4am. nothing happen at that time except for dogs howling. looking back at memoirs at matrix, i realized that I'm not a good at memorizing. hence i read my business' notes as soon as i open my eyes. that way was the only way for me to study business.

matrix is so over. right now I'm studying at UiTM Shah Alam and since i arrived here i cant sleep early. i was hoping going to the same uni with my sis at samarahan but they send me to shah alam. it make me sad for awhile cause i know it will be better if I'm in same uni with my sis.and i miss her so much. its been a year i haven't meet my sis Pira.i cant stop the feeling of missing my sisters sometimes. i miss their nagging. i hate insomnia cause it make me miss my beloved family.

especially the annoying baby.


OhMyFreakingGawd:ar the song titled Sugar by Flo-Rida keep on repeating in my head.

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