Wednesday, January 5, 2011

UiTM [7]

first week of sem 2, nothing really happened.masih rajin semacam belum lagi malas tahap mampus. just malas sikit2. luckily my senior ada buku sem 2 before this so im not using a lot of money on text books this week.maybe i have to wait for 2 weeks til my JPA money and buy some new books.i have nothing else to say but i want to tell u something.
i have TAX320 today.its a class on taxation.hearing the word 'Taxation' makes me not good in memorizing or understanding theory.give me numbers and i can tell u it is more reasonable than theory im learnt last sem. but it is something i have to face every sem.theory oh lecture for Taxation is Dr. Lai. she is very cute and tiny person. but the way she talks represent her confidence on teaching. she talks fast and think faster. she likes to touch her front hair while she is talking.when she walk in i can feel that she want to be powerful in the class.she want to lead the class.she walk in and asked us to put out a piece of paper and draw a large '10' in the paper.then she asked us to draw anything on our mind from that '10'.

from that '10' i drew a rocket-look-a-like pencil, two piece of paper and a globe. i realized i drew the rocket because i want to get of this world right now. this uitm world. i felt like im not belong to uitm shah alam world.on the first piece of paper i wrote :

1. reading good in reading
2.memorizing bad in memorizing
3.writing 3.i can write craps
4.exams 4.i think im failing in all my exams especially this life

the first paper was blocking the second paper.the second paper is important cause i felt it was all the things i want to do in my life.

1. around the world and take great pictures of my journey
2.write about all the pictures i took from my journey
3. build a house for my dad
4. spend the rest of my life with my family

how i wish my dreams can be true but i opened my eyes and my heart crushed. my lecturer said i have to determined and face my life. u cannot look down on yourself just because u are not reaching for your dreams right now. i wish she is right.maybe i should do better in study accounting. maybe i should achieve this first then do my dreams. maybe it would be better for my future.i hope so.

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