Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tergelak [4]

oh second entry in a day
now its not about anyone i know but it is about someone

this is about Ben Ashaari
i just found his blog like 30 minutes ago and im impressed!
im impressed with his body! *i know its lame*
but he do have a nice body!
i opened his blog.saw his header and i was like oh la la la
"nice body man!"

then i read his blog *impressed with the body then the blog*
his blog is awesome.funny and he update it every hour *im assuming*
and i think everysecond there is a person reading his blog because his page viewer change ten times in every minute.

crazy?nope its true :)

OhSoRandom: its been awhile i didnt have OhSoRandom and i just remember about it just now.Nia is going back home to Sabah for two weeks!im gonna be alone for the whole two weeks~


  1. dia memang feymes tue,,hihi..
    suka join segmen dia best,,
    sb dia tlg blogger baru..