Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kolej Melati Berhantu?

scary title?
but its freaking true!
last week was my mid sem holiday + cny holiday.

malas mau p umah my aunty so i stayed the whole holiday at UiTM di hatiku

it was bad!
apparently only sabahans can live at melati during holiday so the whole college was quiet, dark and scary.freaking scary.only 6 people left in my floor and we were at the fourth floor!how scary was that?it was so weird living in a big building cause there's only six of us.

on monday and tuesday nothing happened.just total and two bestie went to sunway and played bowling on on wednesday night everything started when tinie ,my bestie :),went to take a shower alone.she heard my voice calling her name.the conversation something like this :

my-voice-but-not-me : tin~~
tinie : aahh.knapa pasya?
my-voice-but-not-me : ko mahu mandi ka?
tinie : iya~knapa?

then the voice didnt reply back so tinie went to my room and asked me why did i called her but then walk away.and i was like "WHAT THE FUCK?I DIDNT CALL YOUR NAME JUST NOW."

all three of us went silent for awhile.nia was trembling.tinie almost crying.i was being cool but inside i was like "what the fuck there's a ghost on my floor.this fucking scary"

then tinie went to her room to get her lappy,pillow and duvet to sleep with me and nia that night.before this she was sleeping alone but after that night she slept with us.we combined our bed then all of us sleep together.but it was freaking hard to sleep that night.i dont know why.maybe because we keep on hearing doors being open and shout so loudly.and i heard people talking outside the corridor.i almost freak out but i keep it cool cause i dont want nia or tinie freak out and cried.if they know i can heard people talking in front of our room im sure they are gonna freak out.then i fall asleep at 2am .but i keep on woke up several times then at 4.30am i can hear chicken's cuckoo .i was like "what??at 4.30??"but i keep quiet and continue sleeping.but i woke up again but this time i cant move my body and it was hard for me to sleep.i tried to remember any prayers that my dad taught me if something like this happened.i look at tinie beside me but she was asleep.i stayed like that forever then i realized i can move my leg.i was freaking scared.i hugged my blanket tightly and continue staring at the ceiling.i didnt move any inch then until i can see the sun trough the curtain.

that night was freaking scary.sometimes i cant believe what happened that night.the next day we went out to kl and stayed at hannah's house.if i was given a chance to stay at melati during holiday i wont take it again.

melati is freaking haunted!

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