Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dang Things

craps oh craps u said.

Severals ways to kill u:
1. pay hooker w syphilis to have sex with u without condom of course guess u like that ehhhh
2. poison u which is easy cause i cook for u and nobody knows about that.
3. ODed u. i know a lot about all kind of drugs especially that can make people go loco. the power of chemical is crazzyyy
4. Hired a hitman. Plus u introduce me one of them. And he fucking hates u.
5. Car crash. Maybe cause the hitman is the same man that did ur car every month.
6. Accidents in the house. Entirely ur fault cause u are the one that hang all those heavy car things and u put that sword above the door frame.
7. Burn the house!! I fucking hate that house. of course u will be stuck in the house and got cooked.
8. Drugged and hanged you. u are very emotionally disturbed right now. very suicidal person. even the neighbours think u are crazy right now. u said it urself.
9. send u to prison for drug. i think 50g of meth in ur car will be enough for enternal life prisonment. or hanged!! awesome.
10. what a better way is to kill u myself. in terms for self defense. u are abusive person.

This is only a fiction of my mind

Im not a killer. Dammit. Although i really wish u're dead

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